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Hello, and welcome to my corner of the WWW.  These pages are here in order that I can avoid blogging, so called 'social networking' and other more 'trendy' ways of communicating.

Rather than list all of my planned events this year, I've moved such details across to a diary page.  You can still read about my efforts during 2008 and 2009 (triathlons, duathlon and long-distance bike rides) here.

I'm still messing around with structure, it's all very much a 'work in progress' (might even finish it one day).

As usual, comments gratefully received.  I might even answer, especially if they're nice....

Thanks for stopping by.

I've been lucky enough to see her in the air a couple of times this year, each time a glorious site - and one that should not be allowed to disappear from the skies.  Please click on the image to see and learn more about this truly wonderful aircraft.

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