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Welcome to the Bird family pages; please look around and meet us all.

Since these pages were first created, they've seen a fair amount of restructuring, insofar as they were the prime reason for the site; now they're a subset, but the change in emphasis by know means detracts from the affection I hold for their contents.   For varying reasons there are not too many updates on these pages, but please look around and write to us.

Music is an important part of my life, despite the fact that I'm tone deaf.  Click on the 'Home' button above 

  • Me, your humble webmaster.  Some call me Dennis and others.....well, we won't discuss that.

  • My daughters, Shona & Gemma.  Despite many requests over the years, I've not updated the kids pages.  I think it a reflection on society today, rather than a lack of willpower on my part.

  • My step-son, Chris.

  • My late wife, Linda.  Gone maybe, but never forgotten.

  • My favourite web sites (much edited, in the interest of brevity only....).

  • Interests - where I'm at, links, music pix....

Linda and I married in July 1987, at which point I 'inherited' an eight year old son.  We lived initially in Leytonstone in East London before moving to Swindon, courtesy of the firm, in 1990.

In October 1996 the firm took us off to Cyprus for what was supposed to be a three year tour; unfortunately Linda became ill and we had to return having completed nearly 17 months.

After a year of trying to sell and buy, the girls and I finally managed to move to a new house at the beginning of 2000.  I've not measured the distance, but I reckon we moved all of 100 yards, if that.  'Was it eworth it', I hear you ask.  Oh yes, most definitely....

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