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Dens diary 2010

Bath Half Marathon

As before, I'll try to put my thoughts after each event online; follow the links on the left.  It's not the best writing ever, but the whole purpose is to simply dump my initial thoughts (whenever I have them) about each event so that I have a reason not to take part again next time (you'll notice how many events keep reappearing, so that plan isn't working too well!).

So, provisional list as follows:

  • March 7 - Bath Half Marathon - booked! Race no. 10719.
  • May 15 - 5k ParkRun - 28:23
  • May 22 - 5k ParkRun - 27:37
  • 17th Jun - 5k ParkRun - 28:39
  • 7th Aug - London (tri) - booked!  Race no 2837, starting 15:30.
  • 5th Sept? - Winchester 100 bike ride - miles, not kilometres! (and yes, if the weather is lousy I'm staying in bed.
  • Oct 3rd - Warwickshire (tri) -  been there, done that, looking for a change
  • November 21st - Chilly Duathlon (duo)

All triathlons are sprint distance (750m swim/20km bike/5km run) or thereabouts; targeted time of 90 minutes.

The duathlons are 2mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run; targeted time of 65 minutes.

The bike ride is 'only' 100 miles....  After three London-Brightons, I just fancied something a little longer!

Please check back to see how I fare during the year.  Feel free to drop me a line if the updates are, like me, slow to appear....


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