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Dens diary 2009

Chilly Mar 09
Stratford 220 09
Army 09
Blenheim 09
BHF London-Brighton Bike Ride 2009
Louth 09
Caldicot 09
London 09
Summer Duo 09
Cotswold Tri 09
Warwickshire 09
Chilly Nov 09

My intentions this year (2009) are to take part in at least one event every month, see list below.  you'll see I failed in April, not a good start!

After each event, I'll try to put up my thoughts for you; follow the links on the left.  It's not great art, I'll never win the Booker, or anything else for that matter (like my races), but the whole purpose is to simply dump my initial thoughts (whenever I have them) about each event so that I have a reason not to take part again next time (you'll notice that I've now done Blenheim three times, and been to Stratford-upon-Avon three times as well, so that plan isn't working too well!).

All triathlons are sprint distance (750m swim/20km bike/5km run) or thereabouts; targeted time of 90 minutes.

The duathlons are 2mile run/10 mile bike/2 mile run; targeted time of 65 minutes.

The bike ride is 'only' 54 miles....  Targeted time of 3 hours 30 minutes.

Please check back to see how I fare during the year.


P.S. I'm thinking about 2010 already; I'll be 50 in January and am toying with the idea of having a crack at my first marathon (no prizes for guessing which one).

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Shogem 2009