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Chilly Mar 09


As previously promised (see here), I returned for another go at the DBMax organised, The Big Adventure Store (TBAS) sponsored Castle Combe 'Chilly Duathlon'.  It is a great event, otherwise I'd not be back - unlike Kevin who has pleaded stress fractures and the like as an excuse no to take part.  And to think it's his fault I'm doing this....

It's odd when you think about it.  We train day after day, to similar levels of intensity yet, when it comes to THE BIG DAY, our performances do not reflect our training because we're just too tired.  Maybe I'm making excuses; I've had a rough week, a body blow in the bad news department followed by a couple of un-scheduled de-stress training sessions (one of which nearly took the left calf out) and a couple of unnecessary but much needed bottles of red wine.  Throw in a few late nights brooding and you now know why I wasn't really in the best frame of mind for today's event.

The day itself was lovely, bright, not too much of a breeze on and in all honesty the event should have been renamed the 'Not so Chilly'.  As usual, everyone I met and spoke to was friendly, in good spirits and I suppose even I was 'up' for the race.  For some strange reason I was in Wave 2 - the fast one - but within the first half mile soon found myself where I finished.  At the back.

The first run went reasonably well, for me, took the first kilometre in around 4:40, and came in to transition in 16:22.  Didn't have a problem finding my bike, it was the only one there.  Got out on the track safely and soon was overtaking one or two of the other riders, even posted a sub six minute lap along the way.  However, I soon found being in the last wave was not so good as, when I went out for my fifth lap I quickly found myself wondering whether I'd miscounted as I seemed to be the only one out.

Back into T2, racked easily and trotted out for the second run.  The legs by now felt heavy but I was not going to give in and walk.  I could see one runner around 400 metres ahead and resolved to wind them in by the finish.  Finally caught them with around one kilometre left, a lady who was finding it quite tough going; we shared a few words and then I moved on as I really did not want to be the last one in.  Even so, I was the last male home.

Provisional time is 66:44, around 24 minutes behind the event winner.  I'm happy though, knocked four minutes off my previous time, something to aim at next time out (at the November 'Chilly').

Run 1 - 16:22.027
T1 - 1:17.069
Bike - 30:20.115; splits - 6:10.9, 6:02.6, 6:02.7, 5:50.4, 6:13.51 (33:02.764) = 151st!!
Run 2 - 18:45.685

Total = 1:06:44.896

Finished 169/197 (men 130/142).

Well done to all participants and to all winners.  My friends at TBAS had much to celebrate as their team romped the event - first female, first and second males, first male team and fastest lap.  Congratulations!


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