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Dens diary 2008

Stratford 220 08
Blenheim 08
BHF London-Brighton Bike Ride 2008
London Tri 08
Cotswold Tri 08
Warwick 08
Chilly Nov 08

Having dipped my toe back into the sporting world during 2007 (a triathlon and a long distance bike ride, raising some money for charity along the way).  I enjoyed them so much, I went mad in 2008.  Five triathlons and one duathlon - I dread to think what 2009 will bring (as of 24/Nov, a full diary by the looks of things).

Spurred on by the success of the Blenheim Triathlon in early June, I took part in a second triathlon, the Cotswold, in September and had what I can only describe as a great time.  Not only did I beat my Blenheim time by a considerable margin (down from 1.51:54 to 1.32:07), and made some new friends in the pre-race preparation, but just got such a huge buzz out of the whole event.  I enjoyed it so much, I'm hungry and eager for more in 2008.

Right now (late November) I have completed five triathlons, and also completed a duathlon.  And let's not forget the bike ride!  The events were:

  • May - 11th - Stratford 220, Stratford-upon-Avon - 400m/23km/5km.

  • June - 8th - Mazda Blenheim Triathlon, Woodstock - 750m/20km/5km.

  • June 15 - London-Brighton Bike Ride - 54 miles - for the British Heart Foundation - raised 180.  Thank you to everyone who helped, it was a good day out.

BHF logo

  • July - time off for good behaviour!

  • August - 9th - Mazda London Triathlon, Docklands - in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association; raised 580, a huge thanks to all who have donated so generously.  Why the MNDA?  For those of you who know me - see here.  Who knows, I may add some photos....

  • MNDA logo

  • September - 7th - Cotswold Triathlon, Keynes Country Park, South Cerney.

  • October - 5th - Warwickshire Triathlon, Stratford-upon-Avon.

  • November - 23rd - For reasons best left unknown, I allowed myself to be talked into trying a Duathlon, and so my first such was the 'Chilly' at Castle Combe Race Circuit; it was, oddly enough, quite fun.

The triathlons are referred to as a 'sprint', which just goes to prove that triathletes do have a sense of humour. Of course, it could be the sights spectators enjoy, watching us competitors struggle around in our lycra and rubber....

For a sprint, the distances are 750m swim, followed by a 20km cycle ride and, finally, a 5km run (the 'Olympic' is double the distance).  However, distances will vary slightly, depending on the location of each event.  At Blenheim for instance, the bike leg is around 19.8km, and the run 5.4km.

Regardless of length, I will be aiming to try and complete all of that in around 90 minutes although, to be perfectly honest, finishing will be achievement enough.  My best time in 2007 (of two) was 1 hour 32 minutes 7 seconds, and I'm hoping to get down to around 1 hour 20 by six race in October.

Why am I doing these? Oddly enough, for fun, although I suspect I won't be thinking in such terms, especially during the triathlons. I spent most of 2006 rediscovering myself, getting fit and healthy, and it seemed like a good idea to have something to aim for, hence my signing up in 2007 for the Blenheim Triathlon and the Bike Ride. The opportunity to try and raise a little money for charity along the way was a bonus.  Still is....

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