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Warwick 08


The Warwickshire covers the same course as the Stratford back in May so, mercifully I hear you cry, this report will be a lot shorter.

The day was damp, in fact so damp that I’m quite convinced that the swim was the driest part of the course.  The road was wet, many of the gutters were overflowing with puddles stretching out into the middle of the road, which makes life difficult on a shared route.  The toughest part was the Charlcote section, into wind most of the way.

The run wasn’t a great deal of fun, the grass was slippery in the extreme, and in some places very muddy.  After a while you just forget about it and carry on through the middle.  Did see a few folk take dives into the adjacent nettles but thankfully I missed out on that particular ‘delight’.

Two minor embarrassments along the way, which I hesitate to mention but will to prove I’m human, despite what my girlfriend says.  Going into T1 – “dude, where’s my bike?” was followed nearly an hour later by arriving in T2 and going “dude, where’s my shoes?”  Newbie mistakes, should have known better, especially as both times I’d gone right past them.  Memo to self, get it right next time!

Finished 333rd; did the swim in 10:09, ride in 56:33 and run in 33:09, total 1:39:51.  Slower than the Stratford, but the weather may have had something to do with it.

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